Rare UAZ-450 for sale now

Vehicle in a poor state to be fully overhauled.

The UAZ- 450 was produced at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant from 1958 to 1965. It was based on the GAZ-69 (4x4), with a larger engine displacement. The development of an all-wheel drive vehicle of an 800kg carrying capacity began in 1953-1954 at the same plant. The GAZ-69 under-cart was used to put a roomy structure without the side-doors typical of the UAZ-452. Followed by the UAZ-452 from 1966 onwards. Total production: 55319 pieces.


UAZ- 450A - stamping

UAZ- 450B - minibus

UAZ- 450D - lorry (flatbed) with double cab and wooden structure

UAZ- 450P - experimental tractor with UAZ -752 semitrailer

The vehicle: poor state, overhaul and pricing to be discussed with the client. Please write to enquire.