The Company


"Collector’s first choice in military vehicles."

MORTAR INVESTMENTS is a global dealer in Soviet, post-communist, namely Russian, Czechoslovak (Czech and Slovak), Polish and Hungarian military vehicles, tanks, BMPs, howitzers,  trucks, jeeps, motorbikes and armaments for civilian purposes and is also a specialist in armoured vehicles repairs, demilitarisations, reconstructions, restorations and refurbishments.

Founded in 2006 in by a merger of commercial activities, the company has progressively developed into a leading provider of Eastern bloc military vehicles and armaments for collectors. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, MORTAR INVESTMENTS keeps close links with many post-communist countries offering ex-Soviet armoured vehicles. As such, the company has a vast access to all different types of post-Soviet military vehicles, ranging from World War II up to the most modern era. MORTAR INVESTMENTS not only operates as a dealer, seller and constructor but also as an agent for customers looking for armoured vehicles in other Central and Eastern European countries.

MORTAR INVESTMENTS is distinguished by its:

Global-scale operation.

Personal approach.