Adapting to customers' needs

Adapting to customer's needs.

MORTAR INVESTMENTS’ policy is to adapt to each customer's speficic needs. Each client is treated individually and each supply is adjusted to the customer’s wishes. Since MORTAR INVESTMENTS also operates in reconstructing, repairing, demilitarising, restoring, converting, refurbishing military vehicles as well as in dealing spares, anyone of our armoured vehicles is sold custom-made.

Whether the client wishes to come in person or to trade from home, MORTAR INVESTMENTS guarantees the customer absolute control over the work being done and over the state of the vehicle at all times. This can be done using photos and videos of the vehicle at a stop and running, which we send to the client, or directly through customer inspection during or after completion of the work at hand.

With MORTAR INVESTMENTS, payment and exportation schedules are always adapted according to the nature of the supply and the needs of the client.