Our local touch

Our local touch.

MORTAR INVESTMENTS operates directly in Central Europe. Not only is our company in touch with the local armed forces and the big military resellers, but we are also in touch with the local collectors who own most of the armoured vehicles of high interest. MORTAR INVESTMENTS has a wide experience in exporting licensed goods and guarantees easier and quicker exportation procedures. This is how we ensure the widest possible choice of vehicles and spares for the MORTAR INVESTMENTS' clients.

For all our operations, we use highly experienced local personnel who have worked on post-Soviet military vehicles for their entire professional career. As a result, MORTAR INVESTMENTS can guarantee professional care for any of the vehicles we handle.

Meanwhile, in cooperation with its partners, MORTAR INVESTMENTS is able to broker a world-wide low-cost transportation for military goods. Customers only have to pay for the transportation to their destination and not for any intermediary storage, which essentially reduces the total cost of the goods.