Refurbishment & Renovation

Refurbishment and renovation work on older military vehicles.

The cheapest and often the only way of buying a military vehicle is to purchase an older piece of equipment and to have it professionally renovated. MORTAR INVESTMENTS' Constructions Division can make miracles by  turning shabby old wrecks into 100% operational beautiful machines. Besides a healthy cost-cut compared to buying an already fully operational vehicle, having a military vehicle refurbished offers its owner the advantage of absolute freedom of choice. Since the whole vehicle will in any case have to be entirely dismantled, one can indeed freely decide about the new shapes, colours, structure, seats, equipment and special additional construction for the newly created vehicle. What's more, the vehicle having to be taken to bits completely, you will have the highest possible guarantee that each of the parts functions properly.

LUAZ-967 renovation
GAZ-69 engine renovation
GAZ-69 full overhaul
UAZ-469 overhaul
OT-64 engine overhaul