Payment and take-over schedule.

The following is the standard payment and take-over schedule pursuant to a standard licensed material purchase agreement by MORTAR INVESTMENTS:

A contract is executed. The ownership title to the military vehicle bought is transferred to the client.

  1. 30% of the purchase price is paid by the client in the first instalment; the required document(s) is submitted by the client.
  2. MORTAR INVESTMENTS applies for the export license by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of The Czech Republic. Issuance period of the export license is of two months maximum (usually less). A smooth and quick proceeding depends on us having received all documents by the client on time.
  3. Works on the vehicle are finished. Most usually, the works on the vehicle, including the demilitarisation, take less that the issuance period does.
  4. The export license is issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of The Czech Republic.
  5. Remaining 70% of the purchase price for the army vehicle is paid by the client in the second instalment. Transportation invoice for the army vehicle purchased is reimbursed by the client respectively. The vehicle is transported to the final destination.

Please be informed that the payment and take-over schedule may vary according to the amount of works made on the military vehicle bought. Time-tables for non-licensed equipment is are negotiated individually.

Please notice that the EU citizens will be charged the VAT in the amount of 19% for any goods and/or services provided.

Vehicle take-over