It is beyond any doubt that at their finest hour, countries of the Eastern bloc were technologically more advanced in designing and building armoured carriers than any other country. Their design was simple, they were light, quick and reliable. The BMP-1 (BVP in the Czech designation), the BRDM-2 (SPW-40 in the German Democratic Republic's classification), the OTs (OT-62: a BTR-50 with a turbo engine), OT-64, OT-65 FUG), and the BTRs are still in use in most post-communist countries. As proven over and over again, in many respects and notably manoeuvrability and obstacle clearance, the historical Eastern armoured personnel carriers exceed even the most modern Western production. Moreover, thanks to their simple and universal designs, all post-Soviet, Russian and Czechoslovak armoured vehicles can be driven and maintained with an ease incomparable to that of their NATO counterparts. Last but not least, coming from Central Europe, massively produced, the Eastern bloc's armoured cars' purchase price, maintenance costs and spare parts expenditures are substantially lower than the former enemy's production. For all these reasons, Eastern and Central European military armoured material represents an ideal buy for any military collector and fan interested not only in owning a vehicle but also in actually driving it. MORTAR INVESTMENTS sells armoured vehicles of all types, mainly from the USSR, Russia, Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland or Hungary.

When deciding which of the military vehicles to buy, you might consider the following criteria:

Should I buy a wheeled or a tracked carrier?

Should I prefer a diesel or gasoline-engined armoured vehicle?

Should I buy my vehicle with or without a turret?

Why choose a tank or a BMP rather than a personnel carrier?

Would I be more interested in a truck, a jeep or a motorbike?