Diesel-Engined Vehicles

Diesel powered engines.

All of the Russian post-war tracked vehicles, with the sole exception of the GTSM, are diesel-fuelled. Wheeled armoured vehicles running on diesel were very rare - nevertheless, the Soviets and the Czechoslovaks occasionally produced diesel-powered wheeled armoured vehicles such as the OT-64. More sophisticated in their construction, the diesel engines attract today's collectors not only for their personality and beautiful sound but also for their economical advantage. Like the gasoline versions, diesel-equipped armoured vehicles are multi-fuel - they can even run on rapeseed oil. In the winter, usage of the inbuilt heat-up system which pre-heats the cooling fluid up to 40°C is strongly advised for engine damage prevention.

These are the diesel powered armoured vehicles for sale:

BTR-60 diesel converted, BMP-1 (BVP), OT-810, OT-64, OT-62MT-LB2S1 GVOZDIKAPraga S5TSAURER 4K 4FAAMX-13

You might also want to have a look at our diesel-fuelled trucks and tanks:

T-72, T-55, T-34

Some diesel engines for T-34, T-55 and ATS-59G tanks are sold here.  

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