Gasoline-Engined Vehicles

Gasoline-engined vehicles.

Most of the Eastern Bloc wheeled armoured vehicles, whether Soviet, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish or Hungarian were produced in gasoline versions. Only one of the tracked carriers, the GTSM, was equipped with a gasoline engine, whereas all remaining tracked vehicles were diesel fuelled. Russian vehicles had to be able to start under any conditions and above all in extreme cold, so they were designed to be both powerful and simple to use. What's more, the Russians were not very troubled with engine fuel consumption. All Soviet gasoline engines were therefore based on a multi-fuel system. This means you can pump 35 different kinds of fuel, including ethanol, into your carrier (although one would have to take the engine's wear-and-tear into account). Given the high fuel consumption of gasoline-engined carriers, MORTAR INVESTMENTS Construction Division offers conversion into diesel whenever possible.

The following carriers are equipped with a gasoline motor:

BRDM-2, BTR-60

MORTAR INVESTMENTS can also offer other gasoline-powered military vehicles:


Gasoline engine