Non-Turreted Vehicles

Military vehicles without a turret.

You might consider buying a military vehicle without a turret for several reasons. Not only can it be cheaper as you are not charged the turret price but also the vehicle gets lighter and thus furthers its driving abilities. Also, the lack of turret provides more space inside, thus enabling more room for accessories or people. Typically, MORTAR INVESTMENTS' Constructions Division can take the turret off your tank or armoured vehicle for you if you are considering turning it into a passenger carrier. Furthermore, in some countries local authorities may very well be more permissive when faced with the importation of a non-turreted military vehicle and you might spare yourself some paperwork.

We suggest you have a look at the offers for these non-turreted vehicles MORTAR INVESTMENTS sells:

BMP-1, OT-64, BRDM-2, BTR-60, T-552S1 GVOZDIKA.