Soviet Lorries

Ex-Soviet military lorries.

The country of origin of the surplus truck you wish to purchase is very important, since it will determine its type. The Russians built their vehicles heavy, hungry for fuel but extremely robust and resilient. Russian surplus lorries are recognised for their very simple design, huge wheels, small number of axles, gasoline engines (with the exception of the diesel URAL-4320 URAL-5557 and the KRAZ-255B) and massive structures. Less complex in their construction, post-Soviet military trucks are easy to drive and to maintainThe colossal production of Russian trucks guarantees a permanent access to cheap spares. On the other hand, they might not be as agile as lighter lorries on some terrain, and they also consume much more fuel compared with their Czech counterparts, on road in particular

Please take a look at our range of Russian ex military lorries:

KRAZ-255BURAL-375URAL-4320 dieselZIL-131ZIL-157URAL-375D, ZIL-135 rocket launcherGAZ-66