Diesel Lorries

Diesel-powered military lorries for sale.

Less resistant to subzero temperatures and more complex in design, diesel engines did not fit entirely in the Soviet grand strategy. Still, you might find some of the Russian trucks and all of the Czechoslovak production heavy trucks equipped with diesel engines. The major advantage either for a collector or for a professional is without any doubt the engine's less important fuel consumption and higher performance.

Below is MORTAR INVESTMENTS' range of diesel-powered military lorries for sale:

T-815, T-813 KOLOST-813 RM 70 GRAD, Tatra ShKh 77 DANA, T-138, T-813 BMP transporterT-815 BMP transporter, Praga V3SPraga S5T

URAL-4320 KRAZ-255B URAL-5557 MAN KAT-1 4x4 and 8x8 

MORTAR INVESTMENTS sells other diesel powered vehicles, such as:

BMP-1, T-72, T-55, T-34, OT-64, OT-810.

There is also a diesel ARO-246 jeep available.  

T-815 engine