4x4 Vehicles & Bikes

Ex-Soviet off-road cars and motos offered.

There is nothing as uncomplicated yet as effective as the UAZ and GAZ-produced military 4x4s. Boasting an extremely simple make of engine, the UAZ-469, and its more modern follower the UAZ 3151 can run over small forest vegetation and climb up slopes and through trenches Hummers and Landrovers could only dream about. One of the examples of the genially simple construction of the UAZ 4x4s is the fact that their brakes function outwards, from the centre to the edges of the rims, so as not to be stuck by any surrounding branches. Economical in fuel consumption (around 10 litres/100 kilometres on road), with huge amounts of spare parts available and friendly purchase expenditures, UAZs are an ideal first collector's vehicle. UAZ-452 4WD minibuses are also perfect tiny camping vehicles, extremely practical in the woods. Their predecessor, the GAZ-69 is sought out by army collectors for its elegant fifties-style looks and good off-road capabilities, followed by its Romanian cousin the ARO-461. On the other hand, the diesel ARO-246 is also a very modern, cheap and reliable vehicle. Light 4x4 lorries such as the GAZ-66 and Tatra 805 can also be purchased by our company. Besides, if you rally like floating, consider buying an amphibious LUAZ-967. We aslo redress NATO army jeeps, such as Volkswagen Iltis and PINZGAUER 710 M.

Amongst the bikes, the Ukrainian copies of the fabulous German WWII BMW R-71 motorcycles, the URAL K-750 side-car motorbikes, are also highly sought out. 

UAZ jeep