Platform (flatbed) body military trucks to buy by MORTAR INVESTMENTS.

The classical platform body of a truck not only gives the right army feeling to your lorry but, light and balanced, it is also most apt for off-road driving. Indeed, a flatbed is the most appropriate body for personal transportation in mass.

MORTAR INVESTMENTS offers the following flatbed body army trucks for sale.

KRAZ-255BURAL-375URAL-4320 dieselZIL-131ZIL-157URAL-375D T-815, T-813 KOLOST-813 RM 70 GRAD, T-138, Praga V3SPraga S5T,  URAL-5557Tatra 805 MAN KAT-1 4x4 and 8x8 PINZGAUER 710 M

Tatra flatbed