Tank & BMPs


MORTAR INVESTMENTS offers tanks and BMP-1s (BVP-1 in the Czech official designation) for sale.

Any long-time active collector knows the story. You start with a jeep, then acquire your first Army truck and later you start driving an armoured carrier - even a BMP for the boldest. Nevertheless, one day a new urge arises. You need a real car. You need a tank! And once you have it, there is no way back.

Tanks are certainly the emperors of all terrestrial military equipment. MORTAR INVESTMENTS sells a wide range of tanks, from the WWII-based ones (T-34, Su-100), to Cold War T-54s and T-55s, as well as more modern machines such as the T-72. Since World War II, the Russians have dominated the world's tank production. Theirs are extremely easy to run, to drive and to maintain; they are very fast and have excellent obstacle clearance abilities. In the world of tanks, Soviet tanks can beat any competition. What could be stronger than a T-72 powered by a T-55 engine boosting with its giant turbos? And don't forget their elegant design! Buying a Russian tank or a  BMP (BVP) is a landmark for every military collector. Although owning a tank is not a  low-cost hobby (and even though the SAURER 4K 4FA reaches a very reasonable price), it is dangerously addictive and regarding price development, it is also a very safe investment (on average, tanks rise about 10% a year in price).

If you are thinking of purchasing a Russian tank, or a French AMX-13you might take the following into account:

Transportation costs

Spares stockage

Should I buy a battle tank, recovery tank or BMP? 

tanks firing
tanks on smoke
tank on the hill