Recovery Tanks

Recovery Tanks sold by MORTAR INVESTMENTS.

When thinking about a tank, one certainly imagines a heavily armoured vehicle fitted with a turret and main gun - this is the evident image that comes to mind. If however, you are set on buying a tank for its characteristics and driving capabilities more than for its aesthetic appeal or stereotype, you might want to think about buying a recovery tank. The recovery versions, or “V” version tanks, are reputedly much lighter in mass, better balanced (especially for side-slopes), more spacious on the inside (allowing additional roof construction) and certainly cheaper to buy. Recovery tanks are often sought after by expert military drivers and tankodrome runners - they tend to run better and they are not the type of tank to get stuck in a swamp like battle tanks could!

Here are the recovery tanks currently on offer at MORTAR INVESTMENTS:

VT-55, VT-34

Also, you might be looking for a bulldozer blade for your recovery tank.

Other recovery vehicles to buy:

BV 206

VT-55 sapper tank