Wheeled Vehicles

Purchasing wheeled armoured vehicles.

The main advantages of surplus wheeled personnel carriers are their capacity to drive both on roads and in the field, their highly developed floating capacity, their easy maintenance and lower purchase costs . Also highly appreciated by owners is their higher maximal speed (up to 120 km/hour for a BRDM-2) and low fuel consumption, the BRDM-2 consuming around 35 litres/100km, the diesel-equipped BTR-60 taking less than 25 litres/100km (50 litres/100km if gasoline powered) and the extra-large diesel-powered OT-64 combusting about 40 litres/100km. One should also note that wheeled carriers can be registered as veteran cars. Usually lighter in mass, wheeled armoured vehicles are cheaper to transport on a trailer. They come equipped with a self-inflating tyre system, which prevents any tyre-pressure problems. Generally more spacious on the inside, vehicles on wheels fit better to Western body sizes and may contain more personnel. Nevertheless, regardless of all advantages of ex army wheeled carriers, one must bear in mind that the ultimate war machine experience can only be found on tracks. This is because the wheeled armoured vehicles are not usually designed for the most difficult terrains. A BRDM-2, for instance, does not have its first and second gear systems synchronised. It is thus necessary to slow down to change your gears. The same is true for the BTR-60 where, however, MORTAR INVESTMENTS is capable of exchanging the standard non-synchronised transmission for a fully synchronised AVIA transmission system. An OT-64, on the contrary, has a semi-automatic fully sequential hydraulic transmission (its engine is, nonetheless, not of any remarkable power). An OT-65 FUG (equipped with a csepel motor) - an extraordinary collector piece - runs on a fully air-based steering and brakes system. In consequence, once the air reserve has been used up for the steering, one might find oneself in trouble when trying to use the brakes.

Here is a list of the wheeled carriers currently on offer:

BRDM-2BTR-60OT-64, OT-62

BRDM in a city