BMP-1 (BVP-1)

BMP-1 (BVP-1)
BMP-1 with a turret for sale
BMP-1 with a turret for sale
BMP-1 with a turret for sale
BMP-1 with a turret for sale
BMP-1 with a turret for sale
BMP-1 gearbox
BMP-1 propeller
BMP-1 cockpit
BMP-1 engine hours
BMP-1 kilometres run
BMP-1 drivers compartment
BMP-1 with a turret for sale
BMP-1 UTD-20 engine
BMP-1 track 1
BMP-1 tightening wheel
BMP-1 road wheels
BMP-1 road wheels
BMP-1 road wheels
BMP-1 track 2
BMP-1 drive sprocket
BMP-1 road wheels
BMP-1 road wheels

BMP-1 (BVP-1)

Price starting at:
$ 38 965

BMP-1s (BVP-1 in Czech Army's terminology) tracked armoured vehicles in various versions and conditions now for sale.

Probably one of the last collectible military vehicles available with a turret (the turret moves!). Fully operational. 1700 km run ; 115 engine hours. Tracks/road-wheels at 75%. Cannon has been deactivated and is unoperational.   

English manuals for BMP-1s are now available in print. 

"BMPs: The Versatile Masters of the Driving Range!" 

Vehicle price: prices vary according to the vehicles' conditions. All vehicles are from the late eighties; some were refurbished by the Army in the nineties. All vehicles are fit to drive and their turrets can move. The state of use of their tracks ranges from 50 to 100%. Original demilitarized BMP ammo is also available. Wrecked vehicles are also available for purchase for spare parts.

BMP-1 tracks (sets and single), including tracks with rubber pads can be found here.   

Get a tank helmet for your BMP here.  

UTD-20 engines, BMP-1 gearboxes and turning devices.

History: The history of the Soviet BMP-1 amphibious infantry fighting vehicle goes back to the early sixties. Designed by P. P. Isakov, it came to use in 1967 as a substitute for the BTR-50P and the BTR-60PB, It combines the qualities of a fast troop carrier with those of a light tank - it holds a 73mm gun and is plated with anti-tank armour. There are about 10 000 vehicles still in service in Armies worldwide. BMP-1s have fought in at least 9 wars (Yom Kippur, Angola, Afghanistan, Iranian-Iraqi war, Gulf War, Yugoslavia, Chechen wars, Iraq).

Technical data:

  • Weight: 13.5 tonnes
  • Length: 6.74
  • Width: 2.94 m
  • Height: 2.15 m
  • Crew: 3 (+8 passengers)
  • Armour 33 mm (max)
  • Primary armament: 73 mm smoothbore gun (2A28) AT-3/4/5 ATGM
  • Secondary armament 7.62 mm machine gun (PKT)


  • Diesel 300 hp (225 kW)
  • Four-stroke - liquid cooled
  • Operational range 600 km
  • Speed: 65 km/h (road), 45 km/h (off-road)
  • UDT-20 engine details:

    - cylinders: 6 in V

    - cylinders angle: 120°

    - maximum torque: 980 (+49/- 98) Nm

    - weight: 1466 lb + 5%

    - dimensions:

    -- length: 0.791 m

    -- width: 1.15 m

    -- height: 0.73 m

    - compression ration: 15,8

    - swept volume: 15.9 l


  • OT-90 - a Czechoslovak variant with an OT64 SKOT turret (14,5mm machine gun)
  • BVP-1K - a Czechoslovak command variant of BVP-1
  • BPzV-1 - a Czechoslovak reconnaissance variant
  • BRM-1K - a Reconnaissance command vehicle, equipped with a "Tall Mike" surveillance radar. One assigned per Recce company.

Mortar Investments also sells similar vehicles, such as the following: 2S1 GVOZDIKA, GM-587, OT-90, MT-LBSAURER 4K 4FA.

We also sell diesel-run tracked vehicles like the Volvo BV-202 Snowcat and BV 206 Hagglund

Please note that we offer specially designed Tatra T-813 and Tatra T-815 BMP transporters for the transportation of BMP-1s.

These vehicles require an export license and demilitarization