BRDM-2  for sale
BRDM-2  for sale
BRDM-2  for sale
BRDM-2 roof
BRDM-2 driver
BRDM-2 inside
BRDM-2 repaired
BRDM-2 interior
BRDM-2 turret


Price starting at:
$ 6 680

One of the last turret-equiped BRDM-2s APC for sale in the Czech Republic!

Which BRDM-2 can I buy now? One new piece of BRDM-2 personnel carrier on stock. Army vehicle completely repaired three years ago, standing in garage ever since now for sale. Little used.

"A sweetheart." 

Besides, a "good price but lot of work" BRDM-2 is in our offer now. You can purchase the BRDM-2 LAV carrier either for a self-made reconstruction or for a professional refurbishment by MORTAR INVESTMENS.

History: the Amphibious recognition vehicle BRDM-2 is based on the former BRDM-1 (produced between 1957 – 1966). It came into production in 1966. Used by around 40 countries of the former Eastern bloc.

Equipment: BRDM-2 is equipped with a turret used also in the OT-64 APC (SKOT-2a). OT-64 Barum tires can also be used. May carry two machineguns (KPVT 7,62 mm (left) and PKT 14,5 mm (right)), a rope drum, a headlight and a night-vision.

Technical data:

  • Total weight: 6700 kg
  • Length: 6 100 mm
  • Width: 2350 mm
  • Height: 2310 mm
  • Under-cart headroom: 330 mm
  • Maximal speed: 100 km/h
  • Floating speed: 8-10 km/h
  • Terrain recognition speed: 10 km/h.
  • Angle of climb: 60%
  • Side tilt angle: 30%
  • Combat crew: 3-4 depending on vehicle type.


  • 6-walved gasoline, 223 kW.
  • Tank: 300 l
  • BRDM-2rchb – radiation and chemical reconnaissance vehicle
  • BRDM-2 launcher vehicle
  • Czech road registration pricing (netto prices) EUR

    foundation of an association (3 members required) 530
    yearly seat fee 240
    road registration process 520
    yearly testing fee 45
    yearly insurance - app.               300

BRDM-2 tyres (13,00-18) available. Czech production. Price 395€+VAT. 


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To transport a BRDM-2, you can use a Tatra BMP transporter 

For this vehicle, you will need an export license and demilitarization.