GM-587 (2K12 KUB) ( SA-6 Gainful)

GM-587 (2K12 KUB) ( SA-6 Gainful)
gsm rocket launcher

GM-587 (2K12 KUB) ( SA-6 Gainful)

Price starting at:
$ 16 699

A GM-587 tracked carrier chassis for sale now.

The vehicle on stock: the GM-587 KUB tracked carrier for sale is in a 100% refubished condition, all fluids have been changed, the engine fine-tuned, steering, brakes and all other  facilities have been controlled and fine-tuned and are fully working. ready to drive. a unique GM-587 piece to buy including a missile system.

"Ideal for passenger transport. Take your family for a ride."

Characteristics: This type of under-cart was used by ZSU-23-4,SA-6 Gainful and other soviet tracked carriers. This vehicle is ideal for the driving in terrain or for being rebuilt into a WWII replica. GM-587 KUB has a 1/2 tank engine. however, it only has 1/4 of the tanks weight. This means, it is fast, brisk and of low consumption. We used this vehicle by ourselves for driving on military shows  and in our training area. As far as driving skills are concerned, The only competitive of the GM-587 KUB can be an BMP-1 or an OT-90. Yet, the GM-587 is a cheaper and a more unique armoured vehicle.

Technical data:


  • Length: (with the missile) 7,389 mm, (just the body) 6,790 mm
  • Width: 3180 mm
  • Height: (with the missile) 3,450 mm, (just the body) 1,800 mm
  • Headroom: 400 mm
  • Crew: 3
  • Full weight: 11 500 kg


  • V-6R, 6 cylinders, diesel
  • Power: 240 Hp
  • Maximal speed: 44 km/h
  • Operational range: 260 km

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