MIG-21 trunk

MIG-21 trunk
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MIG-21 trunk

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MIG 5210 

Czechoslovakia Air Force
Czech Republic - Air Force 
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF
Reg.: 5210
MSN: 965210


Fishbed 5210 was produced in February 1972 and began operated by 4. slp (fighter air regiment) at Pardubice. Soon in June 1972 was transfered to 5. slp at Plzen-Line. Since summer 1991 flown at Zatec AFB with 11. slp, since November 1991 opereted with 82. sslt (independent fighter squadron) at Ostrava-Mosnov and since end of 1993 with 28. sbolp (fighter-bomber air regiment) at Caslav. There ended his active days, concrete by 43. slt (fighter squadron), last-time flown on 15 October 2001.

MiG-21 UM

Reg. 9323

MSN. 516999323

Polish airforce.

The last documented flight of this type was recorded in 41 ELT in Malbork. It was made on December 19, 2003 on MiG-21 UM nb 9323 No. 516999323. The pilots were; col. Pil Eugeniusz Garbas (commander of Blot 22) and Lieutenant Colonel Dr Jan Rajchel (commander of 41 ELT). This last flight was also preceded by flight MiG-21 UM on the air reconnaissance. It was made by Lieutenant Colonel Jan Drąg and Maj. Pil Robert Dziadczykowski.

This is the last version of the school-combat aircraft. The first planes hit us on 26th July 1971. The delivery of the aircrafts was made in two periods. Between 1971-1975 and 1980-1981. The second series was used to train pilots of the last MiG-21 bis.

Our MiG-21 UM Type 69 is equipped with AP-155 instead of KAP-2. Externally, the plane received 4 knots.

In 1971 The first two MiG-21 UM received 41 PLM from Malbork.

In the period from January 1980 until May 1981: second batch of combat-training MiG-21 UM aircraft. There were 34 planes. Aircraft were mainly targeted at units that had received MiG-21 bis. They also included 11 PLM from Wroclaw, from which they were also delivered to 62 PLM in Krzesiny.

54 machines were purchased.

During operation 4 aircraft were lost in catastrophes and 1 in accidents.