OT-62 Topas (BTR-50) on sale


Price starting at:
$ 27 832

Buy yourself the rare OT-62 TOPAS amphibious personnel carrier by MORTAR INVESTMENTS.

Our vehicle on sale: The only piece of the OT-62 TOPAS (BTR-50 PK-B) carrier for sale in our offer is one of the few remaining exemplars of this wheel personal transporter of Czechoslovak provenience. The OT-62 TOPAS army vehicle you can buy now comes from a collector. If you purchase an OT-62 troop carrier, the price includes export license and demilitarisation. This machine has a new engine. Please contact us for more details about the reconstruction.

Right now, the vehicle is demounted for a maintenance and for the engine change. We are about to start a complete reconstruction thereof.

The price for fully restored OT-62 is around 25,000.00 EUR depending on the desired modification.

"Not a thing for driving maniacs. A decent collector's pride."

History: Designed in 1959, as the name says, the OT-62 came into production in Czechoslovakia in 1962. Used until late 1970's. Carried various equipment, notably an 85 mm gun. Used for gun and mortar transportation in terrain. Approximately 800 pieces produced in total, of which a vast majority has been liquidated already under the communist regime. Of what remained, most was destroyed in early 1990's.

Technical data:

  • Length: 7,1m
  • Width: : 3,14 m
  • Height: 2,04 m
  • Weight: 12,3 tonnes
  • Crew: 3
  • Armament: 7,62 mm machinegun "Vz. 59"


  • Diesel PV-6
  • Power: 190 kW
  • Speed: 58 km/h

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To carry an OT-62, you can use a Tatra BMP transporter

For this vehicle, you will need an export license and demilitarization.