PTS-10 amphibious

PTS-10 amphibious
PTS-10 amphibious carrier on sale
PTS-10 amphibious carrier on sale
PTS-10 amphibious carrier on sale
PTS-10 amphibious carrier on sale
PTS-10 amphibious carrier on sale

PTS-10 amphibious

Price starting at:
$ 19 482

The enormous Russian  PTS-10 military amphibious vehicle on sale by MORTAR INVESTMENTS.

What PTS-10 soviet army amphibious transporter do we sell?  

On the store at the moment: A very nice piece of the amphibious personnel carrier PTS-10 now for sale. Little driven. The soviet PTS-10 amphibious troops and materiel carrier you can buy now comes  from a military collector

«Amphibious. Land is the second water for a PTS-10 carrier.»

Characteristics: The PTS-10 is a tracked amphibious tractor conditioned for personal, artillery and carrier transportation across water. Used by the Czechoslovak army since 1968. Nowadays used by the section of Civil Protection of the Czech Army.

Technical data:

  • Full weight:17,000 kg 
  • Crew: 2 (commander + driver)

Useful load: 

  • water (and 3 km around): 10,000 kg 
  • terrain: 5 000 kg 


  • length: 11,426 mm 
  • width: 3,300 mm 
  • mutual distance of the tracks: 2,700 mm 
  • height: 2,800 mm - headroom: 400 mm 
  • towing mechanism height: 950 mm 


  • on road: 42 km/h
  • field road: 25 - 27 km/h - floating speed (ahead): 11,5 km/h, (back) 3 - 5 km/h. 

Engine: V-2/54 

  • 12 cylinders, four-cycle, water-cooled diesel
  • maximal power: 258 kW 
  • cubature: 38 800 cm3 
  • fuel consumption: 150 l / 100 km 


  • 3 smaller tanks: 405 l 
  • large tank: 300 l 
  • Carrying capacity: 
  • canons (up to 85 mm): 2 pieces 
  • car, carrier: 1 piece 
  • personal transport: 72 persons

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For the PTS-10, you will need no export license.