SA-6 gainful on sale
SA-6 gainful on sale


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Buy yourself the extraordinary SA6 – GAINFUL cold war collector tracked carrier.

The vehicle on stock: SA-6 gainful vehicle in a very nice condition for sale. 

"An unusual combination of uniqueness and utility."

History: the SA-6 GAINFUL (= ZRK-SD KUB or 2K12 KVADRAT as an export labeling) is a soviet-production self-propelled antiaircraft middle range missile set based on a 2P25 under-cart. First seen in 1967. Used in 1973 in the Israeli-Egyptian-Syrian war, later in Algeria, Angola, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon and Morocco. Each regiment of SA-6 consisted of a headquarters vehicle (two radio-locators of long track - 1S12 and of a thin skin-B radio-locator) and of five batteries. Each battery comprehended a radio- straight flush locator (-1S91), four SA-6 and two Zil 131 military trucks.

Advantages: without its weaponry, The SA-6 is an extremely light and quick tracked vehicle, of low consumption (100 l / 100 km), ideal for a terrain drive.

Technical data:


  • Crew: 3
  • Full weight: 14 000 kg
  • Size:
  • Length: (with the missile) 7,389 mm, (just the body) 6,790 mm
  • Width: 3180 mm
  • Height: (with the missile) 3,450 mm, (just the body) 1,800 mm
  • Headroom: 400 mm


  • V-6R, 6 cylinders, diesel
  • Power: 240 Hp
  • Maximal speed: 44 km/h
  • Operational range: 260 km
  • Consumption 100 l/100 km


  • Three TTD 2K12 (600 kg), firing range 3.7 km – 24 km

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Needs export license and demilitarization