Tatra ShKH DANA vz. 77

Tatra ShKH DANA vz. 77

Tatra ShKH DANA vz. 77

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$ 27 832

Get yourself the mammoth Howitzer 152mm, Type 77 DANA on a TATRA T-815 8x8 chassis

Would you like to buy a 77 DANA Howitzer? Our present offer: We sell good condition pieces of the Tatra 77 DANA wheeled howitzer, in need just of a paint-work and of a tiny engine make-ready. Besides, pre-reconstruction state trucks are available for sale as well.


«The largest of what drives on the Earth.»

History: The ShKH Howitzer type 77 Dana is a unique howitzer type developed in Czechoslovakia in the 1970's and early 1980's. Unlike other howitzers, that are usually tracked, the ShKH type 77 DANA is based on a TATRA T-815 8x8 chassis. It came to use in the Czechoslovak People's Army in 1977 (135 pieces acquired in global), being used also by Poland and Libya.

Technical data:


  • Tatra 3-920.52V-12 (12 cylinders)

  • Power: 360 Hp

  • Fuel: Diesel


  • 152 mm canon, Gun-range: 18,700 m (20,000 m), 5 shots/min.

  • 12,7mm machinegun type 38/46

  • RPG-75 for the crew


  • Howitzer length: (with the gun ahead) 11,156 mm

  • Body length: 8,870 mm

  • Howitzer width: 3,000 mm

  • Headroom over the terrain: 410 mm

  • Wheel sparing: (front) 2,000 mm (back) 1,950 mm

  • Howitzer height: (without machinegun) 3,350 mm (with machinegun) 3,530 mm

  • Howitzer weight: (including 40 cartridges) 28,100 kg

Driving capacities:

  • Maximal speed: (road) 80 km/h, (field road) 35 km/h, (terrain) 25 km/h

  • Crew: 4 + 1

  • Operational range: 740 km

  • Angle of climb: 60°

  • Side tilt angle: 30°

Vehicle types:

  • Dana: basic version

  • Ondava: modernized version, automatic firing control, only prototypes.

  • Zuzana: most modern version with a 155 mm gun (shorter), equipped with smoke bombs, used since 1997.

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