Dnepr Ural K-750 and K-650

Dnepr Ural K-750 and K-650
side-car Dnepr MT-16
Dnepr MT-9 motorbike on sale
Dnepr MT-9 Tachometer
MT-9 right valve
MT-9 left valve
MT-9 electrics
MT-9 side-car inside
MT-9 dynamo-generator
MT-9 right exhaust pipe
MT-9 left exhaust pipe
MT-9 serial number
MT-9 tank -rubber missing - will be added
MT-9 under repair
MT-9 Dnepr Russian registration Document

Dnepr Ural K-750 and K-650

Price starting at:
$ 3 062

Buy the ultimate WWII-derived Ukrainian motorbike-legend of DNEPR and URAL K-750.

Now on sale: An entirely overhauled K-650 (Dnepr MT-9) motorbike, year 1973, Km 43.000. The motorbike was taken down into pieces entirely. Fully working order. New tyres. All original. All chrome parts cleansed. New electrics. Engine re-sealed. Brakes dissembled. New sparklings. New rubber parts. New rubber seat-holders. Side-car: paint taken off to the iron; bike: fully ground off. Olive green paint. 150 hours of work. 

Parts yet missing: sice-car seats, co-pilot seat, electrics: relais cover, new dynamo, lights and neutral control: will be added.  

Price: EUR 2.400. 

 Data Dnepr MT-9:

Dimensions (mm):

  • length: 2430
  • width: 1620
  • height: 1050
  • Wheelbase: 1500
  • Ground clearance (at full load and normal pressure in the tires): 120


  • Maximum speed, km / h: 100
  • Weight, kg: 320
  • Maximum load, kg: 260
  • Average operational consumption of fuel per 100 kilometers: 4.8 l
  • Fuel tank: 21 l


  • Type: Four-stroke, carburetor, two-cylinder with opposed cylinders, air-cooled
  • Cubature, cm3: 650
  • Bore, mm: 78
  • Stroke, mm: 68
  • Compression: 7
  • Maximum power, hp: 32
  • Maximum power in kW: 23.5
  • The engine speed at maximum power, rev / min.: 4800-5200
  • Maximum torque. Nm: 41.8
  • Carburettor: K-301B
  • Air cooled


  • Clutch: Dry double-disk, clutch plates with plates on both sides
  • Drive shaft with elastic coupling and the coupling on needle bearings
  • Main gear: A pair of bevel gears with helical teeth, the gear ratio - 4.62
  • Transmission: Four step, with gear ratios for gears 1,2,3,4 3.6, 2.28, 1.7, 1.3 respectively


  • Voltage: 6V
  • Battery: 3MT-12 (a modern one put in)
  • Generator: D-414
  • Relay-regulator: PP-302
  • Breaker distributor: PM302 or PM04
  • Ignition Coil: B2B or B201


  • Frame: Tubular double-gated
  • Front wheel suspension
  • Telescopic fork with hydraulic double-acting shock absorbers
  • Rear wheel suspension
  • The lever on the spring-hydraulic double-acting shock absorbers, adjustable for height
  • Brakes: Shoe with friction pads in the front and rear wheel
  • Tires size: 3.75 - 19


Purchase your Ural or Dnepr side-car motorbike on a palette, have it shipped to your final destination and assemble it yourself! USA delivery price from USD 400!

We secure transportation of the motorbikes all over Europe for the price of EUR 0.8/km.

Registration papers are available for all of the motorbikes on sale.

Please ask for the most actual photographs of the URAL side-car motorbike on sale.  

«What it feels like to hold Ukraine.»

History: The development of the Dnepr (Ural side-cart) K-750 military motorbike goes as far as the pre-Second Wold war Nazi-Soviet cooperation and the submission of the WWII BMW R71 plans to the Russians. In 1941 first M-72 motorcycles came to light. Since then, over 3 million K-750 were produced.


  • Weight: 325 kg
  • Length: 2500 mm
  • Width: 1700 mm
  • Height: 1100 mm
  • Crew: 2
  • Maximum speed: 130 km/h
  • Maximum Load 260kg


  • Dnepr 750cc gasoline
  • Power: 20 KW/2100 RPM
  • Consumption: 7.6 l/100 km

A similar WWII-based vehicle is the OT-810, the GAZ-69, the SU-100 and the T-34.