LUAZ-967 amphibious

LUAZ-967 amphibious
LUAZ-967 swimmer on sale
LUAZ-967 floating vehicle to buy
LUAZ-967 air cooled engine

LUAZ-967 amphibious

Price starting at:
$ 7 236

The Swimmer. Newer Vodnik. 

Now available: 4WD vehicles in driving, complete but pre-renovation state. Price for good vehicles: EUR 9.000 (plus 5 times new tyres worth EUR 190 each plus a new tilt which cost about 350 EUR). Total price We can assure road-registration in France and in Germany.  US shipping cost around USD 3.000 (according to the final port). 

History: Manufactured the Lutsk Automobile Plant between 1975-1989. A soul-mate of the famour GAZ Vodnik aphibious. The design follows the unique GAZ-46. This super-light amphibious vehicle was commanded by the Soviet Airborne to evacuate the wounded, to transport of ammunition and of military equipment, to tow as well as to carry certain types of weapons. A characteristic feature of the car is the easily removable driver's seat in the center of the machine. This design allows the driver to steer, if necessary, in a half-upright position. 

  • Engine:
    • 887 cc engine MeMZ-967 (ZAZ cars) gasoline V4
    • 37 hp (28 kW)
    • Speed 75 km/h (47 mph) (road)
    • 3 km/h (1.9 mph) (water) (propelled by specially shaped wheels only)
  • Mass and dimensions: 
    • Length: 3682 mm 
    • Width: 1712 mm 
    • Height: 1580 mm 
    • Weight: 950 kg 
    • Track: 1385 mm
    • Ground clearance: 285 mm
    • Payload: 400 kg
    • Tyres: 165 x 13
    • Crew: 4

    • Exhaust: in the front
    • Winch: yes 

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