Pinzgauer 710M

Pinzgauer 710M
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Pinzgauer 710M

Price starting at:
$ 21 152

Two units of Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 710M light truck available for sale. 77,000km and 107,000 km respectively. maintained, no rust, new batteries, new army paint, serviced. 15.900€/unit netto.

technical data


Type Steyr-Daimler-Puch

Type 2.5 liters

Cylinder 4 cylinder in-line engine


Two terrain downdraft carburettors type Zenith 36 NDIX

Cooling system air cooling with axial fan

Number of valves 2 valves per cylinder

Hanging valves operated by lower camshaft via pushrods, pushrods and rocker arms

Bore 92 mm

Stroke 94 mm

Displacement 2499 cc

Compression 7.8: 1

fuel: gasoline

PS / kW 90 hp / 66.2 kW (DIN) at 4000 rpm p

Torque 185 Nm at 2000 rpm



4200 mm vehicle

2100 mm platform

960 mm overhang at the front

1040 mm overhang at the back

42 ° overhang angle at the front

46 ° rear overhang angle


1770 mm vehicle

1500 mm / 800 mm platform

1440 mm gauge at the front

1440 mm track rear


2160 mm vehicle

1070 mm platform

940 mm loading area from the ground

360 mm side loading

775 mm pull tab on the front

590 mm rear tow hook

380 mm ground clearance

300 mm belly clearance


Curb weight 1950 kg vehicle

Payload 1000 kg vehicle

Total weight 2950 kg vehicle

1450 kg Max. Axle load in front

1550 kg Max. Axle load at the rear

Wheelbase 2200 mm

Turning circle 10500 mm with rear-wheel drive

11200 mm with four-wheel drive

Driving capacities:

Operational range 400 km

Speed 4×4: 110 km/h 

38°/45° approach and departure Angeles

100% slope, or until tyres lose traction

700 millimetres (27.6 in) fording depth

335 millimetres (13.2 in) of ground clearance (lowest point when fully loaded)

Can climb down a 360 millimetres (14.2 in) wall 43.5° side-slope