Repaired Praga V3S on sale
Repaired Praga V3S on sale
repair in progress
repair in progress
repair in progress
repair in progress
repair in progress
repair in progress
repair in progress
repair in progress
repair in progress
repair in progress
dimensions of the V3S shelter


Price starting at:
$ 2 783


Buy now: We offer for sale various versions of the legendary PRAGA V3S, inclusive of the only surviving PRAGA V3S of this type, the PRAGA V3S commander vehicle. (Similar vehicles were quite commonly made by ZIL). A street version is called  Praga S5T.

Price for a fully overhauled V3S (as on the pictures): around EUR 4.000, depending on the works required.   

 Types of Praga V3S available: flatbed, tipping, shelter, crane, grapple.  

"The utmost simple. In constant use for last 60 years."

The featured vehicle: The PRAGA V3S Commander vehicle contains all original parts in the rear box, including radios, electro, tables, map-carrier and many other. Left side of the box can be opened into a small stage. An ideal vehicle both for the lovers of uniqueness and those who like army camping (that is what we do now unlit we sell it).

  • The engine, the brakes, the hydraulics and the paint have been completely redone. All in very good condition.
  • Derived types: An armoured PLDVK version, carrying a 30 mm anti-aircraft cannon is also available. 

This fully overhauled Praga with German road registration now available. Price EUR 5500.



  • Weight: 5.5tonnes
  • Length: 6910 mm
  • Width: 2320mm
  • Height: 2550mm (2970 with the tilt on)
  • Crew: 3
  • Maximum speed: 60 km/h
  • Consumption: 32 l/100 km
  • Operational range: 600 km


  • T 912 6-valved diesel
  • Capacity: 7412 cm3 cm3
  • Power: 70 KW/2100 RPM
    Czech classic car road registration pricing (netto prices) EUR

    foundation of an association (3 members required) 530
    yearly seat fee 240
    road registration process 520
    yearly testing fee 45
    yearly insurance app.               300

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No export license needed for purchasing a Praga V3S army truck. 

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