URAL-375D flatbed

URAL-375D flatbed
URAL-375D front
URAL-375D side
URAL-375D back
URAL-375D engine
URAL-375D  engine
URAL-375D engine
URAL-375D under-cart

URAL-375D flatbed

Price starting at:
$ 4 453

Give an account of yourself driving a mid-size URAL-375D in diesel. "Make ecologists happy."

On sale now: Mortar Investments sell a standard long stored vehicle URAL-375D flatbed. The military truck you buy needs both inner and out work but runs good.

“Small and Diesel. Nothing is impossible in the USSR.”

History:  short After the 6x6 URAL 375 production had started in the soviet union a diesel version was also introduced soon to replace the Zil-157 as the standard military lorry. Followed by URAL-4320 and  URAL-5557.

Technical data:

  • Weight: 8.4 tonnes
  • Length: 7.35m
  • Width: 2.69 m
  • Height: 2.98 m
  • Crew: 3


  • Ural diesel
  • Speed: 75 km/h
  • Consumption: 48 l/100 km 
  • Gear box: 5+1


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No export license needed for purchasing a URAL-375 truck.