URAL-4320 and URAL-5557

URAL-4320 and URAL-5557
URAL-4320 truck for sale
URAL-4320 truck for sale
URAL-4320 truck for sale
URAL-4320 truck for sale
URAL-4320 truck for sale
URAL-4320 truck for sale
URAL-4320 truck for sale
URAL-4320 truck for sale
URAL-4320 truck for sale
URAL-5557 technical plan
technical plan URAL-4320
engine ural-5557
ural-5557 tipping-body
used ural 4320 tires on sale
ural 5557 description

URAL-4320 and URAL-5557

Price starting at:
$ 9 741

Buy a URAL-4320, the most modern Russian military truck now on sale by MORTAR INVESTMENTS. 

Buy a  heavy-duty URAL-5557 truck at the best price by Mortar Investments. 

What's to find on store? We now sell vehicles imported from the former  Soviet-Union countries, as not many of the URAL 4320 you can buy were used in Czechoslovakia.

A brand new cabin for 4320 now available. EUR 10.000.

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Please contact us concerning our latest offer. We are capable of importing a URAL-4320 or URAL-5557 truck according to your wishes. We are also ready to make any repairs or modifications necessary.    

Pricing: general, very approximate price list (vehicles EXW Encovany, Czech Republic), prices include chassis only - rear-constructions (tipping, flatbed, shelter) are extra:

  • New URAL-4320 and derived types: from EUR 40.000 (please ask us a full quote) 
  • Used URAL-4320, excellent condition: EUR 15.000 (overhauled, re-painted)
  • Used URAL-4320 or URAL-5557 very good condition, checked, selective repair: EUR 12.000
  • Used URAL-4320 or URAL-5557 good condition, sold as stands: EUR 7.500. 
  • ZIL-131 shelter mounted (cheapest option): EUR 4.000.
  • Good, used tires from EUR 200.

Shipping rates:

  • Europe: +/- 1 EUR/km
  • USA: East Coast Port: +/- USD 3.500


  • Older URAL-4320 do not confirm EURO-X emissions regulations.
  • Newer 4320 sold either with EURO-1 or EURO-2 conformity certificates.
  • Used URAL-4320 are not EU-registered. Mostly can be registered yet - according to the respective national regulations. 

“The actual war machine used by the Russian invaders”

History: the URAL-4320 is an output of the URAL-375D development. Carries anything from cargo to rockets and personnel. 

URAL-4320 Charcteristics: 

URAL 4320-1911-40  (6x6, JAMZ 236NE2, VCM) - Euro-2

Key data: 

  • Curb weight: 8740 kg
  • Gross vehicle weight: 21000 kg
  • Mass transported cargo: 12000 kg
  • Gross trailer weight: 11500 kg
  • Maximum speed: 80 kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 300 l
  • Ground clearance: 360 mm
  • Turning radius: 14 m
  • Vehicle Dimensions: 
    • length: 8980 mm
    • width: 2500 mm
    • height: 2740 mm


Metal, two-door, with a sleeping area, increased thermo-isolation, ventilation and heating system, adjustable driver's seat.


  • Type JAMZ 236NE2 diesel-, six-cylinder, direct injection
  • V-shaped, complies with the "Euro-2"
  • Engine capacity 11.15 l
  • Rated power at 2100 1/min, kW (hp) 169 (230)
  • Maximum torque at 1100-1300 min-1, N.mkgs / m 882 (90)


  • Steering with an integrated double acting hydraulic booster
  • Clutch JAMZ-182, Friction, dry, single plate, diaphragm, diaphragm spring-type exhaust
  • Transmission JAMZ-236U, mechanical, three-way, with a five-speed synchronizer on 2, 3, 4, 5 gears
  • Transfer Case Mechanical, two with locking centre differential


  • Front: two semi-elliptic leaf springs with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers
  • Rear: torque rods

Brake system:

  • Service brake drum with a pneumohydraulic drive
  • Engine auxiliary brake retarder, the compression is installed in the exhaust gases
  • Parking brake: drum type brake mechanism is mounted on the output shaft of the transfer box


  • Single-wire electrical system, with a rated voltage of 24V
  • Battery 2 Pcs., The capacity of 190 Ah each
  • ALTERNATORS, 1000 Watts, working with a non-contact voltage regulator
  • Electromagnetic starter switch, the maximum power 8.2 kW


  • Tires 1200h500h508 156F FM-284 (14R20), Pneumatic, tube, pressure-controlled
  • URAL 375/URAL 4320 tyres 14-20 available. Price 335€+VAT.


URAL 5557 Characteristics:

Weights, Load and Speed: 

Load capacity:

  • without additional boards: 7000 kg.
  • with additional boards: 6745 kg .

Curb weight ( without additional boards): 9075 kg .

  • Front axle 3961 kg .
  • Rear axle 5114 kg .

Gross weight: 16,300 kg .

  • Front axle 4306 kg .
  • Rear axle 11994 kg .

Gross trailer weight: 11,500 kg .

Gross Combined Weight: 27800 kg .

Max. speed: 75 km / h

max speed with trailer: 70 km / h

Acceleration to 60 km / h: 40 s.

Max gradeability 50 %

with trailer: 27%

Stopping distances from 40 km / h 17.2 m

with trailer 18.4 m

Fuel consumption l/100 km at 60 km / h: 35.0 liters.

Wading depth (hard bottom, air pressure in tires 3.5 Bar): 0,7 m

Turning radius:

  • to the outer wheel 10.8 m
  • overall 11.4 m

Tipping body:

volume :

  • basic 8.8 m.
  • with additional boards 17.5 m.

platform area 10.3 sq. m.

lifting time of a loaded platform 15 seconds.

dropping time 20 seconds.


  • Mod: KAMAZ- 740.10 .
  • diesel, V-o6p. (90 °), 8V., 120x120 mm,
  • 10.85 liters
  • compression: 17
  • order of cylinders: 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8
  • power of 154 kW (210 hp ) at 2600 rev / min
  • torque of 637 Nm at 1500-1800 rev / min
  • Fuel tank - 200 l
  • Nozzles – gated spool type, with a low-pressure fuel pump, fuel injection timing coupling and speed controller. Air Filter - dry, with a replaceable filter element and cardboard pollution indicator.
  • To warm up the engine, a PKP - 30A car heater is installed, heat capacity 26000 kcal / h

Wheels and tyres:

  • Wheels: disc 400r – 508
  • Tyres - large-, pressure-regulated 1200x500 -508, 14r20, ID-P284 (I- 247B alternatively).

Hydraulic dump:

  • Includes a three-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder , a valve lifting platform , hydraulic jack lifting boards , distribution boards lifting , oil tank, hydraulic outlets for the trailer . Management - hydraulic remote , electro . Hydraulic oil tank - 46 liters , oil -12 l. 
    • Czech classic car road registration pricing (netto prices) EUR

      foundation of an association (3 members required) 530
      yearly seat fee 240
      road registration process 520
      yearly testing fee 45
      yearly insurance app.               300

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No export license needed for purchasing a URAL-4320 truck.