Volkswagen Iltis (renovation)

Volkswagen Iltis (renovation)
VW Iltis army jeep overhauled
Volkswagen Iltis renovated
VW Iltis 4x4 repaired
VW bodywork details
VW Iltis Hankook tyres and adjusted wheels
VW Iltis rear view
VW Iltis back seats with seatbelts installed
VW Iltis - floor plasticity
VW Iltis driver's seat
VW Iltis rear light
VW Iltis windshield
VW Iltis front floor
VW Iltis front floor plasticity remade
VW Iltis axles
VW Iltis anti-rust coating
VW Iltis electricity
VW Iltis equipped with SKODA Felicia Diesel engine
VW Iltis engine electricity

Volkswagen Iltis (renovation)

Price starting at:
$ 11 133

 MORTAR INVESTMENTS specializes in rebuilds and general overhauls of VW Iltis

We sell and repair VW Iltis military jeeps.  

VW Iltis general overhaul:

Original state


VW Iltis vehicle taken apart


The body is sand-blasted 


The welding begins 


Tonnes of putty 


The original gasoline engine is changed for a diesel one 


Brakes, shock-absorbers,  joints - all new.


And completion  


And a final test drive

EU Road-Registration/Shipping

we assure road-registration for VW Iltis jeep all over EU. Shipping prices from 0.9 euro/km.    

Importing a VW Iltis into USA

The cheapest way of transport is having shipped two vehicles at a time in a 40'' container. Generally, you should count with shipping costs of about 2.500 USD. The duty is 2.5%. You will need to fill in a EPA 3520 form and a DOT HS-7 form. The vehicles, as aged above 25 years, are exempt form standard Environmental Protection Agency andDepartment of Transportation pollution and safety requirements. All you need is the VIN Number and the original registration document.  

We assure shipping and customs service to Iltis sent outside EU, too.  

Technical data:

Production period: 1978-1988


  • Gasoline Engine : 
    • 1.7 liter (55 kW) 
  • Diesel engine :
    • 1.6 liters (52 kW)
Length: 3972 mm
Width: 1520mm
Height: 1837 mm
wheelbase : 2017 mm
Empty weight : 1340 kg

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