UAZ-469 refurbished on sale
UAZ-469 after a renovation for sale
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UAZ-469 reconstructed to buy
UAZ-469 hard-top on sale
UAZ-469 hard-top to buy
new seats in a UAZ jeep
repaired engine in a UAZ-469
overhauled engine in a UAZ-469
diesel engine avilable for a UAZ-469
UAZ-469 Dimensions
UAZ-469 for Fast and Furious 8 Film
UAZ-469 for Fast and Furious 8 Movie


Price starting at:
$ 3 896

Buy the very Russian UAZ-469 4x4 army jeep by MORTAR INVESTMENTS.

Now available:

MORTAR INVESTMENTS overhaul several dozens of UAZ-469 4WD vehicles every year. The presented pictures show some of the vehicles finished recently. All our vehicles meet DEKRA Old-Timer standards in Germany. Please write to us in order to get the most recent stock. Please be informed that the workshop might be booked for few weeks in advance. One UAZ-469 ex army vehicle takes about 6 weeks to be finished. 

Our UAZ-469 come either from private individuals of from the army. In such a case we only choose the vehicles the least driven possible. As we perform the overhaul by ourselves, it is in our own interest to pick the least rusted vehicles available.

Please note:  even though we do as hard as we can, these cars are mostly 30 years old or more. There will always be some issues to solve. If you wish to come and pick your UAZ by yourself and drive it back, always bring some basic tools with please. Also, there are some particularities of the UAZ you shall progressively get acquainted with before you start driving at long distance. 

Basic pricing for overhauled UAZ-469: DEKRA-ready vehicle with a good tarpaulin and good seats, newly painted: from EUR 6.000. Hard-top: EUR 1500. Please note that you will need new tyres, too - 650 EUR for 5 tyres installed. 

Non-repaired UAZ from EUR 3.000.

Principally, there are no documents available to the vehicles. This poses no problem for a UK road-registration. 

UAZ tyres (215/90-15C and  ya-192 (heavy duty) ya-245 (road)) available. Price 83€+VAT.


A video of the UAZ now on sale is to be seen here:

UAZ-469 repair works.

UAZ-469 official works price list 

How do we spend the usual 220 hours of work on one UAZ-469 4x4? 

First of all, the chassis and the body are dissembled.



The bottom of the body is covered with an anti-rust mean (Body 930) 


The fuel tank is welded and sealed. Fuel-tank sensors are changed.



Brakes are brushed in the inside, drums polished. All brake cylinders in the wheels are changed for new. The air is released. Later, the clutch and brake cylinders are given new gasket sets. 



Brake hoses, both in rubber and in copper are changed for new. 


With new shock-absorbers, silent block and paint, the frame is ready 


 The whole body is sand-blasted


Now the hard cutting and welding job begins - fully rust-free UAZ only exist in the fairy tales. This is where most time is spent.





And kilograms of putty have to be applied.



Then the filler comes.



This is brushed and puttied again.


Then we put the basic paint on.


Which again you have to brush and putty.


A special, elastic colour is used for the floor. 


Then finally we can paint the UAZ jeep green, brush it, and paint it green again. 


In between, the engine works proceed.


The compression-ratio is checked. All gaskets are changed. Valves brushed. Piston rings changed. Head polished. Cylinders brushed. Same for the pumps and the carburetor. The engine is cleaned and painted. The gearboxes and the clutch are checked and fine-tuned. All fillings are changed. 









Thus the engine can be installed.


The engine electricity in is completely changed. Mostly a new alternator is given.



Now the electricity for the whole UAZ car is put new.  



All the sensors and gauges have to be fixed. Warning light installed.


We new install brand new Omskshina heavy-duty tyres and new chambers.


In most of the cases, we have to change the scrathed windshield, too.


The exhaust pipe has to be welded.


The seats are repaired or changed for newly canvased ones.


A brand new tarpaulin is installed. Black or green. Hard-tops available, too. 


Now you have to check about a thousand things raging form door closing to choke and cooler blinds. Then the UAZ is ready.


Up to us to see if everything works properly.

Importing a UAZ-469 into USA

The cheapest way of transport is having shipped two vehicles at a time in a 40'' container. Generally, you should count with shipping costs of about 2.500 USD. The duty is 2.5%. You will need to fill in a EPA 3520 form and a DOT HS-7 form. The vehicles, as aged above 25 years, are exempt form standard Environmental Protection Agency andDepartment of Transportation pollution and safety requirements. All you need is the VIN Number and the original registration document.  

We assure shipping and customs service to UAZ sent outside EU, too.  

Additional information 

  • We assure transportation of the vehicles to your final destination at the price of 0.97 EUR/km by trailer.
  • Spare parts for all UAZ-469 purchasers available.  

«The bush killer.»

History: The UAZ-469 jeep is a soviet massively produced personal terrain 4x4 vehicle famous for being apt of driving virtually through anywhere. Produced first in 1973, it is a direct follower of the GAZ-69. The production of both spare parts and the vehicles continues until nowadays.

Capabilities: The UAZ-469 disposes of an incredible go-through potential, unseen even by its utmost modern concurrence. On the top of that, it is extremely easy to maintain and to repair. The engine faces no difficulty running full of mud. Followed by UAZ 3151.

Technical data:


  • Length: 4,025 mm
  • Width: 1,785 mm
  • Height: 2,050 mm
  • Headroom: 300 mm
  • Weight: 1,700 kg
  • Useful load: 2 passengers + 550 kg

Driving capacities:

  • Maximal speed: 100 km/h
  • Fuel consumption: 11 l / 100 km
  • Fuel tank: 78 l (2 x 39)
  • Driving range: 400 km


  • UMZ 451 MI (a diesel turbo engine version exists as well)
  • 4 cylinders, gasoline, water-cooled
  • Cubature: 2,445 cm3
  • Power: 53 kW

Derived types:

  • UAZ-469 B (better patency, carries up to 700 kg)
  • UAZ-469 BI
  • UAZ-31512 (modernized, more powerful, electronics, new breaking system)

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