T-72 tank on sale
T-72 tank on sale
T-72 tank on sale


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MORTAR INVESTMENTS sells real T-72 Tanks.

Which of the T-72 military tanks on sale can I buy? Most actually: Several pieces of the T-72 heavy tank coming from the Czech Army available for purchase by MORTAR INVESTMENTS. The vehicles on store are in very good condition, generally conserved and not driven. 

How can I buy a T-72 tank? 

«There is no way back.»

T-72 tracks (sets and sigle), inclusive of tracks with rubber pads can be found here.

History: The main battle tank T-72, a follower of the T-55, was designed, like the T-64, in late 60’s and finished in 1972. Those used by the Czechoslovak army were constructed in Slovakia. Its modernised version is still the main field battle weapon of the Czech Army. It its modernised version, the T-72 is still In use by numerous countries.

Technical data:

  • Length: (with the gun ahead) 9,240 mm
  • Width: 3,600 mm (4,750 mm with the side protection shields)
  • Height: (without the antiaircraft machinegun) 2,370 mm
  • Land clearance: 470 mm
  • Full weight: 44 000 kg
  • Crew: 3


  • V-46
  • 12 cylinders, 840 hp, diesel
  • Driving capacities:
  • Maximal speed: 80 km/h (recorded 110 km/h on a highway)
  • Operational range: 480 km
  • Fuel tanks: 1000 l
  • Fuel consumption: 450 l / 100 km (600 in the winter)


  • 125 2A 46 mm canon (8 shots/min.) + antitank AT-11 (T-72 B)
  • 7.62 machinegun
  • 12.7 antiaircraft machinegun

Czechoslovak derived types:

  • T-72 M – lighter (41 000 kg), new optics, more cartridges, better fire protection, side protection shields, smoke bombs.
  • T-72 M1 – oblique front body armour, ceramic core of the turret, new hydraulics.
  • T-72 MK – commander vehicle, contains a radio-station and navigation (AB-P/30-MI-V).

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Or get something smaller, like a SAURER 4K 4FA.

Needs export license and demilitarization (decommissioning).

For the transportation of your T-72, you might need a Transporta P-50 trailer and a Tatra T-813 or a T-815.