Tanks Tanks The Emperors of all land, slaves to no other military vehicle. One of the most fascinating and addictive drives available out there. Buy one of the roaring Soviet beasts: the more modern heavy T-72, the mid-weight T-55, or the legendary WW 2 T-34.
Jeeps, Trucks & Bikes Jeeps, Trucks & Bikes Drive anywhere through virtually anything. Load as much as you want onto your vehicle and spin the wheels through mud, sand and dust. Buy one of the ever hungry monsters that fuelled the communist dream of ruling the world. Zils, URALs, KRAZ and TATRAs are waiting for you. 
Armoured Vehicles Armoured Vehicles

Whether on parade or in heavy terrain, whether wheeled or tracked, whether running on diesel or gasoline, the simple and elegant Russian and Czech armoured carriers will never let you down. Explore the possibilities offered by BMP-1s, BRDMs, OT-64s and BTR-60s - in your own way.