Military Vehicles for Movie Pictures 


Origin of our military vehicles:

MORTAR INVESTMENTS offer to sell or hire vehicles of the following origin:

  • Soviet Army, Red Army (Sovetskaya Armiya)
  • Russian Army (Vooruzhonnije Síly Rossiyskoj Federatsii)
  • Czechoslovakian Army (Československá lidová armáda)
  • Czech Army (Armáda ČR)
  • Slovak Army (Armáda SR)
  • Polish Army (Ludowe Wojsko Polskie)
  • Hungarian Army (Magyar Néphadsereg) 
  • East German Army (Volksarmee)
  • Austrian Army (Bundesheer)
  • German Army (Bundeswehr)


An extensive collection of army vehicles is available for sale or lease, principally any of the vehicles in our catalogue: tanks (T-55, T-72, T-34), jeeps (UAZ, GAZ, ARO, Iltis, Pinzgauer), vans (UAZ 452), trucks (KRAZ, URAL, ZIL, KAMAZ, TATRA), armoured vehicles (BRDM-2, OT-64, BTR-60), armoured personnel carriers, amphibious vehicles (LUAZ, BV-202, BV-206), floating vehicles (PTS-10), military tractors (ATS-59G, MAZ) military boats and hoovers. We can also offer display (not flght-worthy) aircraft (MiG-21) and helicopters (Mi-2). We can also outsource any vehicle according to your needs.